Refinancing? Mortgages? Loans? No thanks, I own my home, and it cost me $15,000.

I was walking out of Costco a few days ago, and the gutter saleswoman was accosting people on the way out of the store, opening the pitch with:

Do you own your own home?

I watched as couples and families and individuals filed by, actually visibly losing that skip in their step when they replied with:

No, we don't. We rent. Who can afford real estate here?!"

And many variations thereof. Some people went out of their way to avoid her. As I walked by her, hearing her continuing to ask the same question to everyone, the skip in my step wanted to grow wings and turn into a bust-a-move-pixie-faerie-genie-dust-firework show.

YES! I own my own home!!

And I don't have a mortgage.

I didn't win the lottery.

No, no crazy rich family member.

And yes, I'm single, female, and financially independent.

I own my own business.

And I don't owe anyone a penny for my home.

Yes, I own my home!

So 'scuse me while I dance my way out of every financial institution that exists, every mortgage broker's office, and every real estate predicament!

$15,000, a home custom-designed by me to fit me, a life free from soul-sucking payments, the ability to travel and do things now instead of when I'm 70.... Now, I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner! Hey, uni students.... instead of using that grant for rent, use it to purchase a movable home that can go with you anywhere, and that will turn into rental income for you later. Seriously. Call me.