Storage Shed for LFH: check!

So when I asked the landowners if I could rent a shed for storage space for my biz stuff, they said I could absolutely use one of the sheds on the property, and no, I couldn't pay for it. So, in exchange, I gave them some of my non-GMO organic seedlings and my portable dishwasher (that won't fit in my LFH), and I'll buy some laying hens from them--hens I brought to the property via contacts I have to increase the property's educational programs... a task they paid me to do...  I'm kind of confused as to who owes who what, if anything... it's just an awesome circle that keeps giving and bringing new things!

So I cleaned the shed out yesterday, secured it, and will soon move my business gear into it. 

Someone said to me the other week, "I'd love to live in a smaller place, but I have a business to run!"

Well, so do I. Will it work? Yes.... How well? We'll find out!  I may have to make a little office space in this shed for that filing cabinet... I know someone with a very large company (+300 employees) who does all of their "paperwork" electronically by scanning or taking pictures of receipts... would be something to try out, and it would save a ton of space! Might even save on time....

Next: a client of mine gave me blinds that they took down during a reno that were going to go into the dump!  Awesome!