From 1000 square feet to 128 square feet

I thought moving three years ago from 2000 square feet to 1000 square feet was a big deal. Now cut that in ten.

I'll be living in a space smaller than the size of my current bedroom, and the space will have bathroom, kitchen, sitting area, office area, storage, and some pretty funky designs! There's a loft that's not included in this square footage (it'll be around 65 square feet), but the "footprint" of Little Freedom House is 8'x16' = 124 square feet.

Intimidating. Do I really have to get rid of all that stuff that I really do like?

Scary. Can I really live without it?

And exciting. I know I can, and what's better, I know I want to.

I love a challenge, I love design, and I love not feeling squished, so this is going to be one interesting journey!