how it all started

I reaaaaally wanted to buy a place. But I live in the Lower Mainland of BC, where housing prices require one to either be neck-deep in illegal activities, work for the government, have a really rich sugar daddy, or be willing to sign the lives of your great-grandchildren away to banks.

Plus, I'm self-employed, meaning that banks want a greater percentage for a down payment on anything I would want to purchase, and that I have to pay a special insurance "just in case".

After an offer fell through in early Spring 2013 on a place I decided I wanted, I was pretty discouraged, and, entirely sick of paying rent to a landlord who not only didn't want to fix the flood in my room from the washing machine he bought on craigslist (can you say mold?), but took a year to fix the shower, the bathroom floor, the kitchen tap, and the furnace (it died and he had to get a new one, but wanted me to gather the quotes and send them to him for comparison--what?!--oh, and then he blamed the furnace dying on me...) Anyway, there's a long rant there that basically says I was sick of paying rent to someone who didn't care about their income source.

So, I posted this on craigslist:

5000ft² - Wanted: Land to place experimental self-sustainable, small unit (Fraser Valley)

Yes, it's a bit unique... but something I hear rather frequently from people in their 20-30's now: land to garden with a small place to call home.

That's what I'm looking for: not the place, but the land. I would build a small (20x10) living unit on a temporary structure (I would get the building permits), and make it self-sustainable using solar panels, an outhouse, and rain-water harvesting. It's an experiment of sorts that I would like to live in for the next 2-3 years. All you're providing is the land, and I'd ask for use of 5000 square feet of the land.

Strange? Maybe. But with so much unused and vacant investment land in the Valley, I know there are some landowners out there who would like someone living on it but not have to build a house. So I'll bring my own house and grow a garden!

Let me know if this interests you!


Check out for an example of what I'm talking about.....

I didn't get any responses, but the idea was firmly planted in my head! So, I started talking about it, and started actively listening to conversations of people I knew who had vacant property, or property they wanted used but didn't know how...

So when a local organization hired me to work on creating an interactive educational learning centre on their relatively unused 80 acres of land, it was hard not to scream "Pick me! Pick me!" and work on their goals and vision while mine was pattering away on the wheel.

Three months later, they approached me and suggested I build an interactive, educational, small, self-sustainable unit on their land... and of course it made sense to move in, and they'd love to have me!

Thinking outside the box is a side specialty of mine--I'm always looking for new ways to new things! Now I'm looking forward to building my Little Freedom House in as many old ways as possible!!