foundation is here!

that was easy....

Yup, this is the foundation for Little Freedom House.


⁞ No building permit.
⁞ Movable
⁞ If I ever move away or buy land, this is automatic rental property! (Packing will be kinda easy...)
⁞ It's fun, different, and requires massive creativity with space, time, and probably physics. I'm 6'2" and the max height for the whole structure is 13'6" if I ever want to take it on the road.
⁞ My living room does nothing but collect cobwebs: I don't need much space (except vertically, of course...)
⁞ Non-permanent. Landowners like that. And it won't look like a mobile home or trailer. Landowners like that too.

What next? A HUGE garage sale. I've lived in the same town for five years, longer than I've ever lived anywhere - ever - so that means I've got a bit of stuff!

When? In June... depending on when I can get it all into boxes and it stops raining again.... I'll let you know!

She be 8' x 16', and capable of 7000lbs on the axles, and
was hand made by a local welder in 2007. I found her on craigslist for $2000!

TOTAL BEANS SO FAR: $2295 (taxes, people)