bathroom wall: free

So, I've been saving wine bottles for a while now... to make wine, of course! But, as you already know by now if you know me, there's wine finally in the demi-john but no time to put it into bottles (yet), and not enough wine to fill all the bottles, so I came up with the idea to use them for a wall in my Little Freedom House bathroom--to let light in, to act as storage and planter spots for cacti, and to just look really really cool.


I'll use a glass cutter to cut the bottles into roughly four inch pieces, and stagger them horizontally to make up the wall. Of course I google it to show you a good picture, and someone's already done it (didn't Solomon warn me about that??). Soooo.... it'll look something like this! But not really! Guess you'll have to wait and see! Or come help me cut and place!

Cost: $0
Total Beans So Far: $2295.