project little freedom house

tiny space for a tall chick: this might be interesting....

Project Little Freedom House is a tiny home project designed when I was eight, and started officially in 2013. When I was eight, my favourite book was about a little mouse who moved out on her own into a tiny little house on a little piece of land, about the few dishes she had, how she walked to work, and came home to her garden and to peace and serenity. I wore that library book to shreds, and probably took it out a hundred times--I couldn't wait! My dad is in construction, and I grew up building houses and watching him design some pretty awesome spaces, so I usually had graph paper close at hand designing my dream home!

And now, after living in five different countries, over 30 different houses, in many different living situations, karma has brought me the gift of land through very generous local landowners looking to use unused blackberry-covered property in Abbotsford, BC.

Project Little Freedom House is a small house on wheels to demonstrate and educate on living sustainably and ecologically in a small space, showcasing the ability to live mortgage-free off of unused land in harmony with local community. Project Little Freedom House is an interactive learning opportunity in:

Follow me here or on Twitter @kaylafeenstra to watch Little Freedom House go up, or to join in the construct! Pictures, video, DIY instructions, and hilarity to come!

- rain water harvesting
- solar power energy
- composting toilet
- reusing waste water
- organic, ecological, sustainable living
- the ultimate recycling
- radiant heating
- off grid living
- permaculture and sustainable agriculture
- simplicity
- freedom from money, mortgages, and 'the system'
- affordable housing