Refinancing? Mortgages? Loans? No thanks, I own my home, and it cost me $15,000.

I was walking out of Costco a few days ago, and the gutter saleswoman was accosting people on the way out of the store, opening the pitch with:

Do you own your own home?

I watched as couples and families and individuals filed by, actually visibly losing that skip in their step when they replied with:

No, we don't. We rent. Who can afford real estate here?!"

And many variations thereof. Some people went out of their way to avoid her. As I walked by her, hearing her continuing to ask the same question to everyone, the skip in my step wanted to grow wings and turn into a bust-a-move-pixie-faerie-genie-dust-firework show.

YES! I own my own home!!

And I don't have a mortgage.

I didn't win the lottery.

No, no crazy rich family member.

And yes, I'm single, female, and financially independent.

I own my own business.

And I don't owe anyone a penny for my home.

Yes, I own my home!

So 'scuse me while I dance my way out of every financial institution that exists, every mortgage broker's office, and every real estate predicament!

$15,000, a home custom-designed by me to fit me, a life free from soul-sucking payments, the ability to travel and do things now instead of when I'm 70.... Now, I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner! Hey, uni students.... instead of using that grant for rent, use it to purchase a movable home that can go with you anywhere, and that will turn into rental income for you later. Seriously. Call me.

The problem with online solar calculators

I've asked BC Hydro and Fortis BC how much power supply I'll need for my little house, but no one can tell me anything, besides "Go to the online calculators". So, I've been to six online calculators (this is a really good one), but Question 1 is always, "How much power do you use now?" My answer is zero, nada, and zilch, and it's not a good one. Apparently, I'm supposed to have a Hydro bill, and I'm supposed to pay for electricity? Have I mentioned I've been living on battery LEDs, flashlights, and candles for the past eight months?

So, because I cannot answer Question 1, I cannot figure out how much power I need, and the online calculators are useless. I've asked electricians and other people who deal with Watts and amperage and voltage, and none of them can tell me anything! The most helpful person has been Eric, at Fraserway RV, who figures 200-300 Watts would be sufficient. Easy peasy.

Next problem: I've been to three expos lately, and whereas last year, they had solar exhibitors, they do not have any solar exhibitors this year! This mirrors my problem a couple weeks ago, when I went to the boat show to buy a cast iron stove, and the ONE boat company who supplies cast iron wood stoves wasn't an exhibitor at the show, so I am still stove-less! This adventure is to be continued!