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Tiny Homes Canada specializes in custom-built tiny houses, specially designed to suit your unique needs. We know you didn’t say no to conventional living to live in someone else’s box. In your tiny house, every square inch is precious, and should be built to accommodate you!

Our tiny house team, based out of Abbotsford, BC, is proud to use repurposed, ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable materials to build your tiny house. From an idea and a dream to a liveable reality, we are here to guide and support you through every step of the tiny house process.

Tiny Homes Canada is seeking designation as a Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer. We want to provide ease of access to proper insurance for your tiny house -- this is your home, and we want to help you protect it!

Tiny Homes Canada is currently working with local municipalities across the Lower Mainland to seek solutions to land access and availability for tiny houses. Our goal is to support and facilitate the cultivation of many intentional tiny house communities, creating opportunities for affordable and sustainable housing.

The team

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Kayla Feenstra, Founder

As an advocate of sustainable living, Kayla began her journey to tiny house living in 2013, building her current 130 square foot home. Concurrently, she launched Tiny Homes Canada in answer to the need to live in a way that is both sustainable for our planet while still creating a comfortable space to call home. As principal designer, Kayla helps you create a life that is bigger, better and freer in a small space.


Dan Bourgeois, Design Engineer

With a passion for a healthy planet and a fascination for the evolution of human settlements, Dan was drawn to the minimalist idea of a Tiny Home. Where everything has its place/purpose; where every square inch is designed to reflect who you are; not to mention refusing the suggestion that half a million dollars for a home is "affordable".

Dan brings a background in construction and a degree in geography (with concentrations in Environmental Studies and in Urban Studies with focus on affordable housing and sustainable living) to your tiny home ideas. Paired with his expert 3D drawing and design skills, this guys has an arsenal of tools to bring to life your big dream of a tiny house.