Tiny Homes Canada founder, Kayla, calls Project Little Freedom House (affectionately named “Jack-in-a-Box”) her home. Project Little Freedom House (PLFH) is a tiny house project decades in the making. Designed when Kayla was eight, the official build started in 2013.

As a child, Kayla’s favourite book was about a little mouse who moved out on her own into a tiny house on a little piece of land, living life with the few dishes she had, walking to work, and coming home to her garden in peace and serenity. Kayla read that library book until it was in tatters. She couldn’t wait to have her own tiny house and tiny life.

Growing up with a father in the construction industry, she always had graph paper and pencil close at hand. Kayla saw the design and development of some pretty awesome spaces that inspired her tiny house.

After living in five different countries, more than 30 houses, and in many different living configurations, karma brought Kayla the gift of land through very generous local landowners looking to use unused blackberry-covered property in Abbotsford, BC.

PLFH is a tiny house on wheels, which demonstrates sustainable and ecological living in a small space and showcases the ability to live mortgage-free on unused land in harmony with local community. Kayla’s tiny house is an interactive learning opportunity in:

  • rain water harvesting
  • solar power energy
  • composting toilets
  • reusing waste water
  • organic, ecological, sustainable living
  • the ultimate experiment in repurposing and recycling
  • radiant heating
  • off grid living
  • permaculture and sustainable agriculture
  • simplicity and minimalism
  • freedom from money, mortgages, and 'the system'
  • affordable housing

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