We have been invited to submit a proposal to BC Housing
for an Intentional Tiny Homes Community on a property in rural Abbotsford.


  • To provide affordable housing solutions in an Intentional Community Co-operative
  • To create a nature-conscious community that is self-sustainable and self-maintaining
  • To create a Community Supported Agricultural project by turning five acres of currently unused and blackberry-covered ALR land into a productive farm
  • To provide employment through social enterprise and farm activities
  • To provide nature and animal interaction for clients, employees, and volunteers of partnering organizations


ALR: Yes
Zoning: A1 (click for details)
Size: 6.54 acres

  1. North: road access
  2. West: single neighbour, house at north end
  3. East: large hayed field, no houses visible
  4. South: railroad
  5. Existing house on property is inhabited

Please fill out the form below to either apply for residency, or to be part of the proposal process. Fields denoted with *'s are required.

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Please note, all questions will be answered during the proposal process, not before, so if you are not part of the proposal process, please be patient while we work out the details.